The Club will hold 3 vintage military rifle shoots. For the August Match, Bullseye Targets will be set at 100 yds., 150 yds. and 200 yds.

Bullseye Target Fire Schedule: 1. 2 sighter rounds at 100 yds - 10 rounds for score at 100 yds. in 5 minutes. 2. 2 sighter rounds at 150 yds - 10 rounds for score at 150 yds. in 5 minutes. 3. 2 sighter rounds at 200 yds - 10 rounds for score at 200 yds. in 5 minutes. There will also be steel plates set up at different distances.

There are groupings for age, sight style, and shooting position.

Equipment and Guns Needed
This match is for Military firearms of Korean Conflict or earlier, as issued.
Eye and ear protection required. No automatic firearms or shotguns. No armor piercing or steel core ammunition to be shot at the steel plates.

Bring your own lunch.
$10/Shooter – unlimited reshoots

Match Directors: Jim Heikkinen, Herb Leibig  and Jason Osborne Range: Outdoor Rifle

Range: Outdoor Rifle Range