Fort Harmar Rifle Club General Range Rules

If you know a member of Fort Harmar Rifle Club, ask them to take you out to the ranges and shoot a few rounds. After you have visited our ranges, we hope you'll become a member of our club. If you would like membership information, please click here, or feel free to contact us by visiting here.

All Ranges:

  1. Membership cards must be present when using the ranges. The gates at the outdoor and the door at the indoor need your card to open.
  2. During all activities, range officials and/or match directors shall be identified.
  3. Use of the ranges before or after a match shall be at the discretion of the Match Director.
  4. All participants and spectators must wear eye and ear protection when using the ranges.
  5. Spectators are not allowed on the firing line during shooting phases of the match. 180° rule must NOT be violated.
  6. All persons must observe the firing and safety areas.
  7. All applicable NRA gun handling and safety rules shall be observed.
  8. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited on club premises.
  9. Anyone using the club facilities shall be responsible for any damage to the club equipment and property.
  10. Users shall clean up the area after using the facilities. Trash and brass containers are available at the Indoor Range. Trash containers are available at the Outdoor Range. Please take any food remains with you when leaving.
  11. Guests of members are allowed to shoot with the member, but are limited to three (3) visits per calendar year.
  12. The club member must be present before the member's guest may shoot.
  13. Club members are responsible for their guest's conduct.
  14. Nonmembers are allowed to shoot at open matches. Fees for nonmembers will be posted if different from member prices. All match attendees (shooters / observers / workers) must sign the club liability waiver form. No exceptions.
  15. All shooting at the ranges is recommended to be between
    1. Outdoor Range 0700 – 0000
    2. Indoor Range 0700 - 2200

Indoor Range:

  1. All users of the Indoor Range must sign the logbook.
  2. Only .22 rimfire rifles, air-rifles and handguns, with a .22 rimfire or handgun cartridges up to and including .44/45 are permitted at the indoor range. Centerfire rifle cartridges, muzzle loaders, shotguns, shotgun ammo, armor piercing, or tracer ammo are prohibited at the indoor range.
  3. At the indoor range, all guns will be aimed at the target so that bullets will enter the steel traps. No cross trap shooting.
  4. At Indoor Range, multiple shooters must fire from the same distance line mark on the bay floor.
  5. Smoking is prohibited at the indoor meeting room.
  6. No food or drink in the shooting bay.

Outdoor Range:

  1. The firing of armor piercing bullets at the steel targets on the outdoor range is prohibited.
  2. Bay ONE – Outdoor Range – no shotgun type ammo is permitted.
  3. Bay THREE – Outdoor Range – Live Fire House – shotgun or centerfire rifle ammo is prohibited except for SIM rounds.
  4. All shooting at the outdoor range will be at targets that are positioned so the bullets will impact into the bunkers on the pistol range or into the hillside on the rifle range.
  5. If the catwalk on the Live Fire House in bay 3 is in use, bays 2 and 4 are closed.
  6. Target bases and uprights must be correctly assembled, and cardboard used to span the boards of the uprights, targets then attached to cardboard to prevent bullets from impacting ANY part of the wooden structure.