GSSF Match of the Year

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation names Fort Harmar's Buckeye State Ballistic Challenge "Match of the Year".
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Welcome To FHRC!

History of Fort Harmar Rifle Club
The Fort Harmar Rifle Club was established in 1926 by a group of local shooting enthusiasts. The logo represents the original pentagonal palisade of Fort Harmar, with its blockhouses at its vertices. The laurel leaves are the ancient Roman award for excellence in competition. The target conveys the focus of the organization. This work of art was created by Mr. Richard Malin, member and long time supporter. Our thanks for his most excellent creation. For more on Fort Harmar, visit the Campus Martius Museum, in Marietta, Ohio. read more
The Fort Harmar Rifle Club Founder's Objectives:
To Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the individual Liberty of its Citizens.
To encourage rifle and pistol shooting in accordance with the Constitution and the club's by-laws.
To encourage all individuals to exercise their Constitutional 'Right to Keep and Bear Arms'.
To provide a facility for the use of the members and their guests to engage in the shooting sports.
To promote, sanction and conduct various competitions and maintain an interest in the shooting sports.
To promote the shooting sports among the youth and youth groups in the community.
To promote public safety, law and order and national defense.
To promote hunter safety and conservation of our natural resources.
To promote a solid relationship between our club and our community, state and country.
The clubs first range was located on the Airolite property in Oak Grove.
In May, 1931 the club affiliated with the National Rifle Association.
In 1935 we bought the land in Oak Grove, where the indoor range is still used for rifle and pistol shooting matches and training.
In 1991 we bought over 100 acres of land on Washington County Road #12 and the outdoor range was moved to this site. This land allows the shooting of more than one match at a time and gives us the ability to fire at ranges of up to 300 yards.
We continue working to improve our facilities and add more shooting sport capabilities.
We invite you to come out and watch or participate in a match! If you like what you see, JOIN US!!!

Our Activities, Leagues and Matches

All 2015 Matches List of dates, times, and results of all FHRC Matches in 2015
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IDPA Matches Six IDPA and one instructional match in 2015.
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3-Gun Match Three dates in 2015 for the 3-Gun Match.
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Glock Style Match Like GSSF but don't own a Glock? Need to practice for the big match? We have just the answer for you!
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Couples Shoot If you like to shoot with someone as a team, we have a couples shoot just for you.
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Combined Action Pistol Combined Action Pistol - CAP An action pistol sport with divisions for all pistol types!
Rule Book September Scores November Scores

Ladies Defensive Pistol League Six Ladies Defensive Pistol Matches this year!
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3-Gun Woods Walk More information about the June 28th match.
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Buckeye State Ballistic Challenge FHRC is the home of the GSSF Outdoor Match of the Year!
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NRA Women on Target The highly successful program from the NRA to get the ladies more familiar with firearms.
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.22 Silhouette Match More information about the six matches this year.
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News & Events

September 13, 2015 .22 Silhouette
9am outdoor rifle range.
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September 19, 2015 Ladies Day At The Range
9am outdoor pistol range bay 7.
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September 27, 2015 CAP, LDP, 3-Gun
9am outdoor rifle and pistol ranges.
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October 31 and November 1, 2015 Historical Military Match
9am outdoor rifle range.
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November 22, 2015 FOP - Day With A Cop Benefit Match
9am outdoor pistol range.
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November 22, 2015 Tactical Rifle
9am outdoor rifle range.
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December 5, 2015 Indoor Range Cleanup
10am Indoor range.
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December 12, 2015 Outdoor Range Cleanup
10am Outdoor range.
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